talent management strategy, process and practice

Your managers play the greatest role in attracting quality people to your business and driving their subsequent performance, engagement and retention. Their role is key to maximising your people’s contribution. To be effective in this role they need to be supported by a set of coherent, joined up, intuitive practices and processes. We can work with you to embed a culture of valuing employees through, amongst others, defining clear job descriptions, implementing and embedding performance management processes, developing manager’s skills in coaching, mentoring and giving feedback and defining effective talent identification processes.

recruitment and selection techniques and skills

Your business will only succeed in the long term, if you recruit people who are able to respond to the challenges of the future. These are people who have the capacity to adapt, grow and learn and who can create opportunities for you. How you recruit demonstrates your values and aspirations to potential employees and helps manage expectations from both sides. With experience gained across many sectors and functions, we can work with you to define a recruitment process that is right for your organisation. We will work with your managers to equip them with the skills they need to employ the right people from a recruitment campaign. Using qualified practitioners, we can administer a variety of psychometric tests to further enhance your decision making.

training and development

Enhancing your people’s skills and behaviours is vital to your future success. It is critical that you accurately define the required competencies and identify the most effective means of developing your people. We can work with you to identify the personal skills and behaviours required to ensure that your organisation is successful in the short and long term. We will design and deliver development and learning programmes relevant to your individual needs. Along with facilitated group training sessions, we offer 1:2:1 coaching for your senior managers.

leadership development

Helping your leaders to become more effective can be challenging, it requires the application of techniques that will enable individuals to understand their own behaviours, how this can influence those that they manage and the need to adjust leadership styles to get the most from each team member.

Through a greater understanding of different mind-sets and the root causes of why individuals act the way they do, we can equip your leaders with the competencies they need to make a significant difference to your organisations performance now and in the future.